A sociologist, Raissa Rossiter has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and economic and social development. More than 27 years of experience working at the Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises – Sebrae, where she began her career even as a trainee. As a manager at Sebrae in the Federal State of Pernambuco, she conducted several successful initiatives and projects to support the segment of micro and small enterprises (SMEs). Among them, stand the introduction of a Total Quality Management Programme for SMEs, the executive coordination of the international business roundtable Brazil and Uruguay, together with the Vice-Presidency, and the completion of the 1st. Entrepreneurial Fair in the Northeast Region in 1996.

At national level, at Sebrae headquarters, Raissa implemented in 1997 a new marketing approach that guided the formulation of an integrated nationwide customer service initiative. As an adviser and chief of staff of the Presidency of the Executive Board, actively participated in strategic planning initiatives, which resulted in significant strategic changes in the institution as well as institutional linkages at the national and international levels.

She also served as national manager of Entrepreneurial and Business Education, and Market Access, and coordinated the implementation of programmes of Fair and Ethical Trade ($File/NT0003610E.pdf) and the Internationalization of Micro and Small Enterprises ($File/NT0003DBE6.pdf). She was also national manager of the Strategic Management Department. In addition, she taught university institutions in São Paulo, Pernambuco and the Federal District.

She was vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources in Pernambuco – ABRH / PE – in the 90s. Represented Sebrae as a counselor in the period 1999-2002, at the Deliberative Council of State Sebrae in Alagoas, Ceara, Rio de Janeiro ans Pará, in the Amazon Region. She is currently representing Sebrae at a Federal Government´s  interinstitutional group for the implementation of a national policy for a Fair Trade and Solidarity-based Economy System in Brazil. She also takes part in a group that is discussing new national-level strategies and policies to collaborate with vulnerable communities affected by climate changes, led by COEP in Brazil:(

The motivation for continuous learning and self-development earned her the top student prize distinction in the Masters in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis), which she attended as a scholarship in Brazil selected by The Chevening Programme of the British Government for the University of Bradford School of Management, United Kingdom, in 1995. In the same institution, she earned her Ph.D. in Management and International Business with the thesis “The Internationalisation of Software Firms: Evidence from Brazil. An integrative framework for the study of the impact of business network collaboration on international engagement through exports and imports”.

Throughout her career, Raissa Rossiter has conducted numerous lectures in Brazil and abroad on issues related to business management, entrepreneurship and SMEs development. Raissa is married to Marcelo Lima Costa, a management consultant, and a mother of three children: Priscila, a  journalist,Vitor, a graduate in communication and advertising, and Marcela, a 17-year-old student. She is a Christian, a member of the Presbyterian Church in Brasilia, Federal District.